Scout Security

IT Security Services

Scout Security is an IT security company centered around helping organizations evaluate, strengthen, and preserve their security posture.

With an ever-increasing amount of attack probes and data breaches going unnoticed, businesses are often left in the dark without a flashlight. Armed with years of experience, a tactful mindset, and today's cutting-edge technology, Scout Security aims to provide a flashlight for understanding the dark corners of your network.

Managed Firewalls

Scout Security offers managed firewalls finely-tuned for your exact needs. As the network perimeter continues to evolve beyond just the office, many off-the-shelf firewalls are ill-fitted for the job of protecting the modern network. We’ll take the time to fully understand your business needs and design a network policy that helps keep your business network running smooth and secure.


A penetration test aids in the discovery and validation of a company’s security posture. Penetration testing is an authorized service where ScoutSec simulates an attacker attempting to circumvent security protocols and gain unauthorized access to systems in an attempt to identify systemic weaknesses within an organization.

Security Event Monitoring

Scout Security’s IT monitoring solution is perfect for SMBs and home offices. We’ll take care of it all. Vulnerability management, endpoint monitoring (desktops, laptops, network printers, firewalls, etc..) and full network monitoring for current the most current cyber threats. When threats are discovered, alerts are sent directly to our Security Operations Center (SOC) for review and notification.